lynzie914 (lynzie914) wrote in chlexers,

fic: you could have been number one

title: you could have been number one (if you only found the time)
fandom: smallville
characters:chloe and lex (hints of future and past chlex)
rating: pg
word count: 1037
summary: Chloe and Lex end up trapped in the caves together. Somehow with them, truths always out themselves. (AU of the S4 finale/S5 opener and things that could have led to other things basically.)
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So delighted to read this! Thanks for letting Chloe say some things to Lex that the show really should have given her the chance to say long ago. :)
Thank you! That's so nice to hear, I'm glad that you liked it. And yes, I would have loved a scene with them where they dealt with all of it, or it at least got said. I like to imagine she had some words with him on the plane/froze him out showing her disdain, but we never got to see that. So you know...fanfic. XD