phillydragonldy (phillydragonldy) wrote in chlexers,

Attention Chlarkers, Chlexers, Clexers, and all other sunken ships....

Would anyone be interested in doing a prompt/fill exchange for any/all SUNKEN SHIPS for Smallville?  This is only ships that never really got off the ground or never happened at all, so no Chlollie, Lexana, Clana, etc.  But ANY OTHER SHIP IS FAIR GAME.

You want to prompt/do something for Chlark?  Go for it!  Chlavis?  Yup!  Chlex?  Heck yes!  A 3-way Lois/Bart/Lex?  Sure!

This would be pretty loose, but the basics would be if you want to prompt something, you have to do a fill for someone else.  You can prompts whoever/whatever, or as many as you want, but you must fill at least one for someone else.  Fics, art, vids...all open.

Thinking if there is interest...maybe April or May?  4 or 6 weeks to run it?

So, want to do it?

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